March 9, 2019

What was he thinking?

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What was The Thinker thinking?


When I look at Auguste* Rodin’s The Thinker (which I do every decade or so – without fail) I wonder . . . what was he thinking?

As a writer, my self-serving belief is that “Gus*’ guy” was contemplating the words he would employ when composing a very important message (maybe an invitation to his sculptor’s next gallery showing?).

The point is: the best – most effective – writing is likely preceded by the best thinking. The skilled writer always first determines:

  • What is the objective?
  • Who is the key audience?
  • What are their pertinent wants and needs?
  • Which are the fewest and best words through which to “move” them?

Perhaps more than most others, the marketing writer must have an experienced, educated grasp on what gets prospects to react positively to what he/she is “selling.”

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Doing so could turn out to be an example of your best thinking.

 Let’s take it to the next level! 

Allan B. Starr