January 17, 2009

I went to jail yesterday

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. . . as a visitor, a guest of the country – in the true sense. Such visits, which I’ve made before with the same chamber of commerce group, are kind of depressing. I saw a lot of young people, who are serving one-year sentences for everything from DUIs to drug offenses, and none of them appeared to be happy with their lot. My guess is almost all of them are there because of poor choices; if you will, self-destructive mistakes. In business, we make not go to jail for our mistakes, but it can, nonetheless, be costly. Can you think of any costly mistakes you are determined to avoid in 2009?


January 14, 2009

The last day

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December 31, 2008 was the last day of the year, not our lives! This year, let


January 13, 2009

Marketing Partners Launches New Division

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We have launched a new division under the direction of John McGinley. It is the Sponsorship Procurement Division, which assists clients who require sponsors for their projects and events. Initial emphasis will be on the motorsports industry, one in which John has extensive experience. But it soon expects to add clients in other fields. John can be reached at 602-524-0041.