February 17, 2013

A shocking note!

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The other day, I received a written note – you know, the kind hand-written on actual paper and delivered by a human mail carrier.

It was kind of shocking.

. . . not because of what it said; it was merely a “thank you” note from a casual acquaintance for whom I had done something that apparently was appreciated. The shocking part was not the message, it was a medium used to express it. Just think: It was an actual hand-written-on-real-paper note!

I’m no fool.

Inasmuch as a significant portion of my modest income is derived from crafting email messages and other electronic communications for clients, I might be the last one you would expect to sing the praises of an “old-fashioned,” surface mail missive. Yet, nevertheless, I am doing just that.

That’s because one of the prime tenants of my marketing philosophy is to create impact by employing unexpected, hopefully refreshing methods of communication (now, who would have thought a simple written note could one day earn that accolade?). But, in this case it is deserved. I suppose its effect on me was intensified because it came from a young man, the rather “hard-nosed” athletic type I simply would never have imagined would make such a sensitive, over-the-top gesture.

The lesson of Old School

Indeed, the sincerity implicit in such a fundamental communiqué got my attention, impressed me, and spoke volumes to me about the heretofore undetected “depth” of this particular message sender. It truly took me by surprise and undoubtedly elevated my opinion of the sender.

And isn’t that one of the worthiest goals of human communication?


February 13, 2013

Call a prospect today

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It doesn’t take that much time. Look at your “hit list,” pick out a favorite, pick up the phone, and ask if you can be of assistance in any way. Do this with regularity, and you will be grastified by the results you get. Try it – you’ll like it.