January 28, 2013

You must pass the KISS test

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A positioning statement should consist of 20 or less words that succinctly define for your prospective consumers what it is that your company does. Such statements can be written or spoken, but in either case should be clear, simple and — perhaps most important — should give a hint of the unique nature of your mission, your products and/or services.

The problem is that too many of these statements contain so many details and superlatives that the listener or reader becomes bored, confused or simply loses interest before getting to its ending. Nowhere is the KISS dictum (Keep it simple, stupid) more relevant than is the case with positioning statements.

Rather than trying to answer every possible question in one swoop (as many seem to be intending), your statement should simply entice the prospect, perhaps making them want to know more. Ideally, it should leave them with a burning (well, at least tickling) question or two about what it is you actually do. This presents you with the ideal opportunity to follow up.

A breakthrough consumer attitude survey recently found that when your marketing message is simple and easy to understand, you increase your odds of success by 70%.


January 21, 2013

Give them meat instead of gristle!

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Really good email marketing should inform, instruct or provide other types of relevant, useful information for recipients. Those that merely scream, “Buy this!” give e-mail marketing a bad name; you know, that nasty “s-word.” More people prefer to get their information by email than any other way. But remember, what people really want is to be helped – not hustled!


January 14, 2013

Say it more sloooowly.

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People will be more likely to value – in fact, understand – what you are saying if you speak a little more slowly. In meetings, I always suspect that the rapid talkers are uncomfortable about, or, possibly, unsure of what they are saying. This may not be true, but it makes for a bit of uncomfortable listening. This is particularly important for leaders in commanding the attention of groups.

Try it. You will think you are speaking way too slowly at first, but with practice it will grow on you and become just another part of your style.


January 7, 2013

It’s Reality Day!

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Today, January 7, 2013 is “R-Day” . . . Reality Day, the actual first day of the business year (did you notice that people – including yourself – were still on cruise control last week?).
It’s time to take a deep breath, and come out of the starting blocks with a focus on prioritizing your goals for the New Year. A self-examination of your product/service offerings and how you will market them is a great place to start.
best wishes for an energetic and successful year!