August 27, 2009

What makes one a consultant?

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Recently, I heard a radio station sales manager describe his sales department


August 12, 2009

May “they” help you?

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My friend, sales trainer Mike Leeds, asks,”When (they) say, ‘May I help you,’ shouldn’t they mean it?” Mike makes a good point, to wit: if your marketing efforts are successful in building “traffic,” is that “traffic” being treated like mere “traffic” — or like people who have actually called upon you for help?

As a customer of Cox Communications and Verizon (for example), I feel like their reps really want to help me when I call with a problem. How do your customer service representatives measure up in this respect?


August 11, 2009

Is this a missing link?

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After being a member of Linkedin for a couple of years, I recently decided to actually get involved with this venerable business/social networking site that was launched in May of 2003.

Bulletin: It works!

Let me count the ways (so far):



August 6, 2009

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Has elitism invaded the sanctum of social networking?

There it was on Facebook for all to see. A lovely and learned lady whom many of us know


August 3, 2009

Word of Mouth

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The threshold for word of mouth has been lowered appreciably with the advent of social networking. This cuts both ways, but is distinctively positive when all has been said and done. That’s because we should be neither reticent to commend nor condemn when either is deserved. Both possibilities are constructive – for buyers OR sellers – especially if , in the latter case, we are on the positive side of the comment.