November 12, 2015

Lack of brand impact is reflected in weak sales.

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Ever wonder why there are more good products and services than there are success stories?

When results fall short, it’s a shame. But because they needn’t, it’s more like a crime. Especially when good product and service development results in anemic sales outcomes.

When remarkable product offerings are coupled with ineffective marketing, the outcome is uniformly disappointing. Your marketing communication must position you above the crowd. You should expect and accept nothing less.

Your promotions should have a winning edge powered by market overview, clarity and passion . . . with maybe just a pinch of guts.

While differentiation is what you built into your products and services, sameness – or even obscurity – can be what comes out on the other end. A deserving product under–promoted is like a smile in the dark . . . it may be nice, but nobody sees it.

Brand impact (measured in dollars!) is what an expert marketing communicator delivers while entrepreneurs are busy tending to primary responsibilities.