October 29, 2012

Campaign Blunders

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If you want to know what NOT to do in public relations, all you have to do is make a list of the boo-boos each Presidential and veep candidate makes on a daily basis during this final week of campaigning. By the way, can any word beat-out “gaffe” as the Word of the Year for 2012?


October 22, 2012

A Return to Strategy

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The marketing world has been abuzz about every possible digital marketing tactic in the book, including mobile couponing, augmented reality, and real-time bidding by digital media exchanges. Many marketers become entranced by these bright and shiny digital marketing options. However, the smartest understand that tactics come and go, and will be leading the movement back to strategy.

Focus on the right strategy, and you’ll develop a winning marketing formula. Look at successful companies such as Apple, Procter & Gamble, and Nordstrom. Their clear strategies get real business results—regardless of the tactics they employ at any given moment.


October 15, 2012

Be consistent with your communication

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Consistent communication is the key to productive, lasting relationships.

This is particularly true with client or customer relationships, where shining brightly for awhile only to fade away, then suddenly to reappear may be only a bit better than never shining brightly at all.

If a client or customer is made to guess at what you are thinking, or are up to, this void can make them think negatively, or worse, forget about you entirely. Keep in touch, but do so with a purpose, like a new idea or a pertinent question.

“Out of site, out of mind” is not a characteristic to be emulated by marketers.


October 12, 2012

Say it well… and say it right!

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With many businesses spending upward of 10 percent of their total revenue on marketing and corporate branding, it can be heartbreaking to have all your hard work and big spending undone by language errors. If you want to get your message out there, you have to get it right; it’s not worth tainting your reputation with an overlooked language error.

Make sure you have someone in house – or out house* – whose grammar usage is up to snuff. A good rule: check and re-check all marketing communication.

* Just kidding


October 8, 2012

Press the flesh on occasion

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Many — if not most — of us are caught up in the social media movement, and that’s a good thing . . . up to a point. While it’s an absolutely incredible way for staying in touch, the danger line is crossed if and when something like postings or tweets are habitually substituted for face-to-face interaction with clients, prospects, associates, vendors and others on whom we rely. If we generally avoid opportunities to “get out among ‘em,” we do so at our own peril. Sure, time is our most precious commodity, but an honest-to-goodness relationship is a terrible thing to click away.


October 1, 2012

Stay in touch with your COIs

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Your centers of influence, i.e. friends and fellow group members, are a great source of referrals and direct business. Use (your choice) email marketing or surface mail to stay in touch with your core contacts, no less than once monthly. Try to build your message around news or other helpful information (occasionally, special offers are OK) rather than out-and-out selling pushes. This way, your missives are more likely to be welcomed rather than dreaded.