October 27, 2010

Visibility tip

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If prospects don’t know you exist, they can’t send you business. Go out and join a face-to-face networking group today, and develop an active presence on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. The former will pay dividends – and if you’re active – a great ROI. The latter, besides being free of charge, will stimulate sales and complement your other marketing efforts. What ever you DON’T do — DON’T hide your light under a bushel basket!


October 19, 2010

Your feedback is nourishing

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In the current issue of our monthly Online mailng piece, Marketing Quick Tip, we asked for feedback on the question, “What does the term, ‘The New Reality’ mean to you?” Already, the feedback has been voluminous, enthusiastic and fulfilling. We’ll put some of the more interesting responses in next month’s issue of our Online newsletter, Marketing Monthly, which will be released early in November.


October 11, 2010

The power of words

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99% of the time, words are ultimately what generates leads, motivates people to action and makes you money. The right words can produce an astonishingly better response. We all have the same words available for our use. It is how they are arranged that makes the critical difference.


October 5, 2010

What does “The New Reality” mean to you?

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We attended a conference of management and marketing big-wigs at the Advanced Strategy Center last week (at which we were the only little-wig).
The most popular phrase that arose during discussions was the one listed above.

I don’t know precisely what it meant to the others, but to us it means working harder to get an account and then working harder to service it once it is landed (because our clients need the highest level of effort and competence in this . . . ahem, “challenging” economy).

We’d be interested in learning what this expression means to you. The most interesting reply will be passed along in our next newsletter (circulated to 9,000 subscribers) and will also net the sender something tasty from a coffee joint near to them.