June 10, 2015

Down with downtime

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I  grew up in Phoenix at a time when the Cottonwoods that line north Central Ave. from Bethany Home Rd. to Northern Ave. were mere saplings (have you looked up at them lately . . . or ever?)

It was a time when air conditioning wasn’t nearly as efficient as today, the local economy was not nearly as vibrant or diversified, and the tendency of the business community was to kind of put it in “overdrive” from Memorial day until Labor Day.

Obviously, though summer vacations of various lengths and/or frequency do have their effect, “bagging it” for 90 days is no longer prudent. Yet, there still exists a bit of “summer breather” mentality when the triple digits make their appearance on our thermometers.

Remember, somebody’s going to get the business this summer. It’s a great time to remind your prospects you care even though others – perhaps including your competitors – may seem to have become a bit dormant.