July 30, 2009

Have one personality

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Treat everyone – whether they’re buying from you or selling to you – the same. You never know when that pesky salesperson you gave short shrift to was a prospect for your goods/services, as well. One personality “per customer” is all the law of face-to-face marketing allows.


July 15, 2009

Visibility tips:

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If prospects don’t know you exist, they can’t send you business. Go out and join a face-to-face networking group today, and develop an active presence on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. The former will pay dividends – and if you’re active – a great ROI. The latter, besides being free of charge, will stimulate sales and complement your other marketing efforts. What ever you DON’T do — DON’T hide your light under a bushel basket!


July 2, 2009

A recipe for senses running amuck

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